Thursday, January 7, 2010

Boys Tell the Sweet Truth

I have been so excited that past year to have a new running partner. Conner has been willing to run with his old, slow mom for about the past year. We are not consistent runners but when ever I put on my running attire he suits himself up as well and together we go out to jog.

I put on my long running pants and long shirt for a quick run outside in the freezing cold weather. As usual, Conner decided he would come along too. The only problem he faced was the fact he didn't have any warm running stuff. He only had shorts and that sure was not going to keep him warm enough. We decided that I would share my warm, more manly running pants with him and I would change into my tight spandex pants. I don't wear the tight spandex pants much because they are that.... SO TIGHT! I am slightly self conscious to go running outside for the entire world to see me giggling with every step. I told this to Conner and his response was, "There aren't that many people out who will see you. Plus, we aren't going THAT far. You will be fine." I agreed with him and we headed out for our short run together.

At first we were jogging side by side but there came a time when one of us had to jog out in front of the other. Conner motioned for me to go a head first. I thought he was being a gentleman so I smiled and went ahead. We jogged that way for a few minutes, with me in front and him in back. Soon the road was wide enough again for us to jog side by side. He quickly came up to my side. In a very nice, sweet voice he said, "Mom. I was watching your giggling. For as old as you are, you really aren't giggling THAT much. Maybe a little in your buttocks, but I think with a little more running it will be perfect."

Ha! At least the kid is honest. Plus, if he is going to say it so sweet like that.... I suppose a little more running wouldn't be such a bad idea! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Family Christmas Shopping

It is a tradition each year that we draw out names in our family. It actually happens the day we put up the Christmas Tree. These gifts that we purchase for each other are the first wrapped gifts on display under the tree. It is a big deal because each person has one gift with their name on it... and this seems to really set in our minds that Christmas is just around the corner.

The shopping at Target had gone pretty good. Niel took half the kids, I took the other half. We were in and out within about an hour!! As we were driving in the car towards home, everyone started to make guesses about what was purchased for each person. Conner is the oldest and the biggest teaser, mostly because everyone believes him, plus he does seem so old and wise, and also because he doesn't tease too much.... but when he does, it is really bad.

Conner blurts out, "Zander! I know what Megan bought you this year for Christmas!!" Zanders eyes got all big with excitement and I could feel the joy in his voice as he spoke, "What!! What did Megan get me!" I could also see the big grin on Conner's face when we replied,

"She got you a Barbie Doll!"

There was a moment of silence.

And then...

,.... tears started to flow. "Megan! Why did you get me a Barbie Doll?" Zander sobbed. Then he began to cry louder and louder as the car full of teasing children began to laugh. I have to admit..... even I couldn't help but laugh.

Zander is the easiest person to tease because he responds every time.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


This past year Garrett has gotten so into all types of sports. He enjoys watching them on TV or in person.... and of course he likes it best if he gets to play against another team. Who ever is playing, or whom ever he is playing against.... he has an interesting way of stating it. For instance.... if BYU and Utah are playing Garrett would say, "BYU is versing Utah." Or if he is playing against someone he would say, "My team is versing American Fork." I think he gets it from reading things like BYU vs. Utah or Lonepeak vs. American Fork.

It just sounds so funny when I hear it. Seriously.... say it out loud, it will make you laugh.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Falling Apart

Zander is such a scheduled little guy. If one thing is different in his daily schedule he sure has a difficult time.

We had gotten home late from one of Conner's football games. Garrett was sweaty from football practice earlier that day, so I asked him to get in the shower. Usually, both Garrett and Zander hop into the bathtub together right before they go to bed, which bedtime is also usually at the same time. It had been a long evening. Zander was so very tired, off schedule in getting to bed, which made his temper a little shorter than usual. When Zander found out that Garrett was taking a shower without him.... and that Garrett was going to stay up a few seconds longer than he was, he got mad. He started stomping around the house... irriated. I asked him to get his pajamas on, and he did.... but he kept saying "I want to take a shower with Garrett." Or "That just isn't fair that Garrett gets to stay up later." After he was nearly dressed he came up to me and said....

"I am too dirty. I am so dirty that my body parts are going to fall off. Do you really want me to start losing some body parts? That would just be really mean if you do Mom!"

Where does this kid come up with this kind of stuff? Too funny!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gambler/Football Player

Football season is upon us again! This has got to be my favorite time of the year!! I simply cannot get enough football in!

Stockton enjoys football.... but he also needs a little incentive to focus on the game. Stockton also really likes money. I came up with this brilliant plan to pay him every time we broke through the line. Stockton was thrilled about this new plan and was determined to make some money.

During the first game Stockton played his heart out! It was his best game to date. He broke through the line each time he was on it. He paid attention to the plays and to his team. He paid attention to what was going on when he was outside the game, waiting for his turn. He played amazingly and earned himself $20.

A week went by and I hadn't paid Stockton his money yet. To spice things up a bit.... I told him if he sacked the quarterback I would pay him double. If he didn't sack the quarterback, I wouldn't pay him out. So basically, it was double or nothing.

Stockton loves a challenge.... so he took it! During his game he took the quarterback down!!! AWESOME!

After the game Stockton came up and said....

"I am a professional football player AND a gambler!"

He was just so proud of himself!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Football has started!

Conner started football practice this week. He came home from his first practice, dropped his helmet on the ground and slumped down on the couch. One arm had blood on it, he had a big bruise on the other arm, his head was drenched in sweat. He looked beat up. He sat there barely moving, layed his head back and closed his eyes. He looked so worn out I was a little concerned. So I walked up and asked "Hey, how are you doing?"

He opened his eyes. As he looked at me, a huge smile crept over his face and he exclaimed,

"Man I LOVE football!"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boys do some strange things

We had a couple big BBQ's at the house over the weekend. Niel had gotten a large tote bucket thing, filled it with ice, and put the soda drink in the bucket to keep them cold. As the day wore on and as the drinks got emptied out, the ice melted some, leaving a large tub of freezing cold ice and ice water.

The boys were cleaning up and noticed this incredible cold bucket of water. It was almost like a light went off in Conner's mind.

"What would you give me if I stuck my face in this bucket of ice?"

I just laughed and said back... "Nothing! That is just stupid."

Without hesitation, Conner turned his head from me, bent down to the tote bucket, and plunged his full face into the freezing cold ice water.

His face wasn't in the water but a second when his head came out of the water. With water dripping off his face he said, "WOW! I have a major brain freeze! OUCH!!!"

I wasn't the only one watching this act of craziness.... Megan, Stockton, Garrett and Zander were all witnesses.

Stockton immediately wanted to try it too. His head went in and right out. He started laughing and loudly telling his siblings the water had give him an instant headache.

Stockton and Conner started daring Garrett and Megan to try it. Megan, the smart one in the group, said "No way! You guys are crazy!!" But Garrett was easily persuaded. He stuck his little face into the freezing bucket of ice. He didn't go full on like his brothers, but just enough to get the cold sensation. He got goose bumps all over this body.

The three boys were gathered around, singing praises to themselves about how tough they were.

Zander had been sitting back watching this entire event. He could see the laughter and group togetherness and I guess he just wanted to be a part of it all.

"I am going to try it!" and with that he dipped his little head into the freezing bucket of ice. I am not sure what Zander was expecting the cold to feel like, but it obviously was a lot colder then he thought. The second he pulled his head up he started to crying.

"My face! My head!! OOOOUUUUCCCCHHHH!!! My head!" With tears and loud screams he came running to me. "Mom! My head hurts. Make it stop!!" Both hands were on his forehead, pressed hard as if he were trying to make the pain stop.

Boys! They do some of the craziest things!!